On October 19th, 2014, a few students from our team brought our FTC robot from last year’s Block Party to Washington Elementary School for their science fair. Washington Elementary School is located a few blocks away from Burlingame High School, so not only is the school close by, it also is part of our local community. Many siblings of team members or children of teachers at BHS attend Washington, so we were more than happy to contribute to their science fair.

We set up a mini version of last year’s playing field and wired up the robot to one of our laptops. The goal was to show young students at the fair our robot’s capabilities and expose them to the different doors STEM skills can open up. After demonstrating the functions of the robot, we taught any kids who wanted to learn how the robot is controlled and gave them the chance to drive the robot themselves. Many of the children were fascinated with the fact that we had built and programmed the robot all on our own. One student was interested in learning how to code and design his own robot so he could play with it at home.

Overall, we felt that this event was very successful. We were able to showcase our team and robot within the community as well as illustrate the possibilities that STEM education provides for students. We look forward to participating in similar endeavors in the future and fostering strong relationships with our local schools so as to help individuals cultivate their interests and talents within STEM fields.