-Based out of Burlingame High School.
-This is the Iron Panther’s fourth year competing in FTC and FRC.
-Our team is split into three sections: engineering, programming and business.
–Engineering works to design and build the robot
–Programming writes the code to function the robot. They also write the code for the autonomous function.
–Business is responsible for the finances, merchandise, and community outreach parts of the Iron Panthers. We also work together with our FRC team on joint outreach events sometimes.
We participate in several outreach events at our school and the community to spread information about our program and STEM education.
Iron Panthers bring their FRC robot to AT&T Discovery Days held at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California. FRC members introduced the robotics program to curious watchers and promoted STEM education through hands on activities to supplement the FRC robot driving. We also hosted our own FIRST competition at Burlingame which was a blast!
Iron Panthers participated in the Burlingame Spirit Run. Both FTC and FRC students set up a booth where children could gain first – hand experience controlling a robot and maneuvering it around Franklin Elementary school.
The Burlingame Iron Panthers participated in the McKinley Harvest Festival by allowing children to maneuver the robot around McKinley Elementary School. The children were able to interact with the robot with the assistance of the robotics team. Many other outreach events were held to strengthen the communities love of robotics.
The FRC team at the practice field located at the San Mateo Event Center. There, the team did drive tests and participated in scrimmages with local teams. After a great few tournaments and placing 13th out of 41 teams in the San Francisco Regionals. Now, the Iron Panthers will be heading over to Austin for the National FIRST Robot Championships. This is a huge leap for the team and is a great reward for all their hard work.