Christina Wade


Ian Hovander

Parker Robinson

Ed Levin

Mark Noworolski

Team Captains:

Lucy Cummings

Cuyler Crandall

Engineering Leads:

Rory Douglass

Reuben Grossman

Programming Leads:

Isabel Dominik

Peter Skidmore

Business Leads:

Gracie Kober

Meredith Nash

Media Coordinator:

Max Chakhmatov

Team Photographer:

David Zhou






First Robotics Competition (FRC):

Iron Panthers #5026

  • Started in 2013
  • Competed in the Sacramento Regional and Silicon Valley Regional the last 2 years
  • Mentoring 2 FLL teams at BIS this year
  • Helped Odyssey Middle School start an FTC team this year




 First Tech Challenge(FTC):


Iron Panthers #7316

  • Started in 2013
  • Competed in 2 qualifiers the last 2 years
  • In 2013-2014 was an alliance pick in two competitions
  • In 2014-2015 won two awards: Think Award and Connect Award  for outstanding Engineering Notebook and Outreach.


   Iron Kittens #10336

  • Started in 2015
  • Rookie Team to help incoming members have a more hands on experience
  • Hoping to compete in 2 qualifiers this year.


One of the first highlights of the season was our success in outreach and fundraising with the help of the community.  We set up booths at big events like the Burlingame Spirit Run, the Burlingame Tree Lighting, and we gained huge parent and student interest at Back to School Night and the Open House.  By increasing our community awareness through success at these events, we started off the year with huge support and were able to gain more money in funding than ever before, while spreading what FIRST is about and the huge benefits of STEM through robotics.  The support from our community allowed us to start off strong going into the FTC and FRC competitions.
Next, our biggest change to the team, an added FTC team, was incredibly successful.  This year, we added a new FTC team, the Iron Kittens, in order to help new and less experienced members gain valuable hands on building and problem solving skills to train them and prepare them for FRC.  The Iron Kittens were incredibly successful, and this year both the Iron Panthers and Iron Kittens did well in FTC and qualified to go to regionals for the first time!  Another FTC success was hosting our first competition of 16 different teams, where we helped gain new interest from our area, gained money through concessions, and most importantly helped to spread STEM by running an event that allowed students to learn and compete.  We could not have hosted this competition without the huge support from student, parent, mentor, and community volunteers, and with that help we hope to expand it to hold more teams and host it again next year!
Finally, our FRC season was incredibly successful this year.  Our first two years were hard as a beginning team, but each year we continued to grow and improve through more experience, better team structure, and more community support that allowed the team to try new designs and strategies and be overall more successful.  This year, our robot was most prepared to compete in the challenge and could successfull score in the high goals, overcome obstacles, and play solid defense against some of the best teams.  Although we didn’t place, we gained incredibly valuable design, building, programming, and business skills that have made us prepared to take on the year ahead.