Community Outreach/Fundraising

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Our team kicked off the season with a major recruiting process to bring in new members.  At the end of last school year we help a short recruiting meeting for any interested students who already attended BHS.  With posters and publicity, that meeting was successful in finding a few dedicated members who have greatly helped our team.



Then, to begin the new school year, we held another recruiting meeting.  This meeting was mostly targeted at finding incoming freshmen who would be interested, however it was open to all students.  After the incredible turnout, we found that many freshmen were interested in programming and engineering, and we had a few freshmen as well as returning students join the business team.  To help with the recruiting process, the team also attended the beginning of the year club fair to pass out flyers and useful information for any more interested members.  Overall, this season we have had the most interest in our team from new members, and our team is growing and progressing incredibly!