Our Mission Statement

Our mission for The Burlingame Robotics Team is to generate interest and develop skills in the fields of engineering, science, and technology in our local community. We strive to promote the field of science and math within our school and our community.  We intend to be a non-exclusive FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) team to maximize participation and involvement in tournaments such as the FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) and  the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition), and other organized events.


Team Information: FTC #7316 and FRC #5026



Our team was formed in the Spring of 2013 and is student run. Our first competition season is the 2014 FIRST Tech Challenge, a renowned and competitive robotics competition with smaller sized robots. Afterward (including a bit of build season overlapping), we also participated in the larger FIRST Robotics Competition.



Our team was founded by our teacher advisor, Christina Wade, and various students of the school, all of whom had longed for some sort of STEM promoting program at the school. We welcomed members with interests ranging from art and photography to mechanical engineering.



For 2013-2014 season, we had over 40 team members, 1 advisor, and 4 mentors. Our teacher

advisor is the aforementioned Christina Wade. Our team was divided up into smaller teams, each relating to a specific function of the overall robotics program. The groups consist of engineering, programming, and business and publicity. The overall construction of our team allows for greater depth in each member’s involvement, but also requires a lot of communication between the various subteams.  This year, due to great recruiting efforts, we are up to around 50 members.  



Our team is located at Burlingame High School at 1 Mangini Way, Burlingame, California. We work out of our brand new fabrication lab (AKA the BHS Fab Lab), which the Engineering Tech teacher so graciously lends to us for use.


    • FRC registration fees: $10,000
    • FRC Building Expenses:  $6,000
    • FTC Competition:  $3,000
    • Marketing/Publicity: $3,000
    • Misc:  $8,000 (including off-season events)


  • Total: $30,000




Our current sponsors last year  were: the BHS Parents Group, San Mateo Union High School District, the United Health Credit Union, Eaton and Associates, the Brin Wojcicki Foundation, ANS RRSD, SRI International, the FRC Rookie Grant, and  the BHS Fab Lab. We are not afraid to take a rejection from any sponsor, so we frequently send out emails to national and local companies about potential sponsorships.  This year so far we have: BHS Parents Group, San Mateo Union High School District, and SRI International.



We strive to develop interests and skills in engineering, science, and technology through an exciting and interactive learning environment. Not only do we help develop engineering skills, but also business and marketing skills through the different sections of our team. We hope that by showing what we do, we can also start STEM programs at other schools in our community.



Since the team launch in the Spring of 2013, we have gathered new group members and divided the work between the team and its respective groups. In addition, we have contacted numerous local businesses in an attempt to gain potential sponsors.



Our goal is to develop a well-organized robotics team. We plan to achieve this goal by increasing our sponsorships and support to help mentor the building process of our robots. We also plan on creating a foundation for the future generations of our school and the Burlingame community by creating rules and step by step directions on running a robotics team. We have many committed students who are dedicated and want to learn all the skills that are associated with the robotics team.


We applied for various awards last year, including FIRST Dean’s List Award, Rookie All Star Award,  Media Award, Entrepreneurship Award, and Woodie Flowers Award. In future years, we hope to also be eligible for the prestigious Chairman’s Award by working hard as not only a high school robotics team but also a community organization.  We are also applying for awards at off-season events this year.


This is a very exciting time for us, and things can only get bigger and better. Although this year will continue to be a learning experience, we are approaching it with high hopes for our future, and lots of spirit for competition.


Indiegogo Fundraiser


Over the month, we had over 550 visits to our Indiegogo campaign and 170 referrals. Although a majority of our visits were from the United States, about 100 or so were also from various parts of Europe. In total, we raised over $2000!


The fundraiser can still be accessed here, though we cannot receive anymore donations: