Iron Panthers


Founded in May 2013, the Iron Panthers robotics team is the first full-fledged STEM initiative at

Burlingame High School. With just two robotics-experienced students and a few programmers,

the team was created consisting mostly of completely inexperienced but intelligent and

enthusiastic students. In a school that places minimal emphasis on STEM activities, we

managed to spark interest in 47 initial members. Throughout the FTC and FRC seasons, the Iron

Panthers have pulled through guided by our own innovative ideas and our fearless and

dedicated coach, Mrs. Wade.



Dedicated, innovative and passionate, the Iron Panthers are Burlingame High School’s newly

formed robotics team. Along with our mentor Mrs. Wade, we strive to give students an

opportunity to explore robotics through the world of technology, business and engineering. Our

club is designed to bring students with a variety of experience levels together to learn about

robotics, engineering, and computer science, as well as core business and publicity skills. The

Iron Panthers has allowed students to explore their interests and passions through unique jobs

like Team Videographer, Web Master, or Media Representative. From our initial founding, our

team has followed through with the goal of giving students at BHS the opportunity to promote

and appreciate STEM education.With our endless energy and optimism, the Iron Panthers bring

youthful excitement to FRC. We represent the epitome of a rookie team: what we lack in

experience we make up for in enthusiasm and commitment.











Even as a rookie team, the Iron Panthers are passionate about succeeding in our FIRST robotics

competitions. We continue to learn from our past mistakes, work hard in the present, and look

forward to future outreach opportunities and competitions. Through robotics, we’ve learned not

only practical engineering and programming skills, but also the importance of iterative design,

unflagging spirit, and nerves of steel. We hope that by competing in FRC, we will be able to test

our limits and bring STEM endeavors to greater prominence at our school and in our