E Blog: 2/23

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Today, both the programming and engineering team are making final arrangements to prepare for final testing before bagging the robot. After the robot has been bagged, the team can no longer make changes to it.
The engineering team is working on constructing an improved set of bumpers to replace the current ones. In addition, they are making adjustments to the e board, which will better accommodate for a chain that is necessary for the ice pick. Furthermore, the engineers are fixing the wheel shaft to make the wheel more stable.
Continuing, the team is making an ice pick mechanism to get over the category A defenses and a set of pistons to allow the robot to get over category B and D defenses.
The programming team is engaged in initializing positions, which makes sure that the different parts of the robot are in its proper positions at the start. Other programmers are tuning the PID and getting the robot ready for its last test, which involves testing the shooter. Finally, the programmers are also managing the wires on the robot to make it more organized.